Rossi & Catelli Hot Break Enzyme Deactivator System

Rossi & Catelli Hot Break Enzyme Deactivator System

1990 Rossi & Catelli Hot Break Enzyme Deactivator. This system was built to receive and discharge on a continuous basis 160-200 GPM (1,340-1,670 lbs/min) of ground tomatoes. This is based on an input temperature of 70F then heating to 205F using 15,000-20,000 lbs of 60 PSI steam. The nominal rating is 40-50 short tons per hour based upon a circulated mass ratio of 15-20 parts of heated material in circulation to each part of fresh material being added (20:1 ratio). The system is similar in size/type to the current Rossi model 1000. Along with tomato products, these systems are also used with some fruit applications. Within the heat exchangers, the OD of the inner heating surface contact is approx 20 in. dia. and the ID of the outer heating surface contact is 24 in. dia. This design is like a large triple tube heat exchanger with media on the inner tube and outer jacket (product in the middle section). The approximate length of heating contact is 298 inches. Estimated product volume within a single heat exchanger is 23.8 cubic feet (178 gallons). This system is designed for continuous production runs lasting several weeks, the results being highly viscous juices and concentrates with preserved product quality, color and natural characteristics, unaltered. Heat exchanger ratings: 61.2 PSI @ 308º F. Inlet / outlets: 12 in. ID, 3-1/2 in. ID, 3 in. ID, 2 in. ID, 1 in. ball valve. Approximate capacity of the cone bottom separator: 800 gallons with a straight wall: 59 in. H and inside diameter: 61 in. Tank inlet / outlets: bottom 19-1/2 in., side 12 in., top 3-1/2 in. Unit features: 18 in. Manway anda cleaning sprayball. Overall heat exchanger dimensions: 26 ft. 11 in. L x 30 in. W x 4 ft. H. Overall vacuum tank dimensions: 5 ft. 9 in. L x 6 ft. 5-1/2 in. W x 11 ft. 6 in. H.(ACN6250).(HB1).

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Product Details

  • Stock No: AACA2052.100
  • Manufacturer: Rossi & Catelli
  • Model: Eldorado
  • Serial Number: 3361, 3362 and 90573

Evaporator Details

  • Evaporator Type: Hot Break Enzyme Deactivator
  • LBS per HR of Evaporation Removal: 15,000-20,000
  • Skid Mounted: No
  • Evaporator Components Included: 800 Gallon Cone Bottom Separator, 18in. Manway, and Cleaning Sprayball

Micro Panel Details

  • Micro Control Panel Included? No

Previous Refrigerant

Motor Details

  • Motor Included? No


Additional Product Details

  • Year of Manufacture: 1990

Rossi & Catelli Hot Break Enzyme Deactivator System

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