SIHI Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump

SIHI Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump

SIHI Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump. Model: LPHA 5620. S/N: BN041010. No: CR2990115. Capacity: 29 in. Hg. The SIHI "LPH" series liquid ring vacuum pump is reliable pump that can be used in a variety of applications. The vacuum pumps have one moving part, the impeller and shaft assembly, and no internal metal to metal contact. Sihi pumps offer operational safety, entrained liquid handling, long economical life, low vibration & noise level, low starting torque, and construction flexibility. Pump inlet/outlet: 2 in. diameter, flange: 6 in. diameter, (4) attach holes, c.t.c: 5 in. L. Overall dimensions: 42 in. L x 16 in. W x 24 in. H.

Product Details

  • Product ID: 2695
  • Stock No: HDDF256.a
  • Manufacturer: SIHI
  • Model: LPHA 5620
  • Serial Number: BN041010

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SIHI Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump

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