stone-Lined Ball Mill

stone-Lined Ball Mill

Stone-Lined Ball Mill. Stone ball diameter (approx): 3 in., 2 in., 1-1/2 in. Inside wall is covered with stone brick. Motor, 1 hp, 1760 rpm, 110/220 V, 15/7.5 amps, 60 Hz., Pulley ratio: 1st belt from 6 to 1, 2nd belt from 6 to 1, final rpm: 146.66. Steel tank: 30 in. dia. x 33-1/2 in. L. Tank discharge: 2 in. valve. Ball mills are a very efficient tool for grinding many materials into a fine powder. To use the mill, the material to be ground is loaded into the barrel which contains grinding media. As the barrel rotates, the material is caught between the individual pieces of grinding media which mix and crush the product into a very fine powder over a period of several hours. The longer the ball mill is run, the finer the powder will be. Ultimate particle size depends entirely on the hardness of the material you're grinding and how long the ball mill is run. Typical applications: grinding glass, powdering food products, creating custom varnishes, making ceRam Industriesic glaze, powdering chemicals, and making black powder. Base-mounted with (4) wheels. Overall dimensions: 67 in. L x 39 in. W x 60 in. H.

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  • Stock No: SPPP849.2a
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stone-Lined Ball Mill

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