SWECO Stainless Steel Separator - 48 in.

SWECO Stainless Steel Separator - 48 in.

SWECO Stainless Steel Separator. Model: D/19113/S48588. S/N: 01059/123. 48 in. dia. product/ screen contact surface. Sweco separators offer maximum throughput and screening efficiency to many types products by accomplished vibration over a screen cloth with varieties of mesh sizes to fit specific applications. Products and actions addressed include: sizing for dry products to include: sugars, spices, feeds, and abrasives; “scalping” to remove unwanted, oversized particles to include metal bits, blood and bone material; gravity filtering and product recovery from slurries such as ceRam Industriesics; and waste water cleanup which could include brewery waste, laundry waste, or many other effluent applications. Unit is currently missing the motor. Motor can be installed when unit sells. (2) 8 in. discharge spouts. Overall dimensions: 4 ft. 10 in. L x 4 ft. W x 3 ft. 4 in. H.(GS)

Product Details

  • Stock No: NOI1301
  • Manufacturer: SWECO
  • Model: D/19113/S48588
  • Serial Number: 01059/123

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SWECO Stainless Steel Separator - 48 in.

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