SWECO Stainless Steel Vibro-Screen Separator

SWECO Stainless Steel Vibro-Screen Separator

SWECO Stainless Steel Vibro-Screen Separator. Model: S48C888. Motor: 1 hp, 1155 rpm, 220/440V, 60 Hz, 3 phase. SWECO vibro-screen separators separate solids from liquids or segregate dry materials into various sized particles with applications and actions to include: sizing for dry products such as sugars, spices, feeds, and abrasives; “scalping” which removes unwanted, oversized particles like metal bits, or blood and bone material; gravity filtering and product recovery from slurries like ceRam Industriesics; and waste water cleanup which could include brewery waste, laundry waste, or many other effluent applications. This unit was in prior service with Crane Plumbing in their porcelain processing line. (3) 8 in. discharge spouts. Top table discharge opening 16-1/2 in. x 6 in. Intermediate discharge opening: 5-1/2 in. ID. Overall dimensions: 4 ft. L x 5 ft. 7 in. W x 3 ft. 11-1/2 in. H.(H17)(ACN168).

Product Details

  • Stock No: HNDC194
  • Manufacturer: SWECO
  • Model: S480C888
  • Serial Number: C-1260-18

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SWECO Stainless Steel Vibro-Screen Separator

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