Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger

Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger

Double Tube Heat Exchanger. Stainless steel construction. Number of tubes: 18. 3 in. over 2 in. tube in tube AL6XN, 150 PSI for 2 in. side, 40-80 PSI for 3 in. side. Tube dimensions: 3 in. diameter x 20 ft. L. Product capacity: 60 gallon. Proper slope of no less than 1/4 inch per foot to allow drainage and meet USDA, and 3-A requirements. AL-6XN product contact, 180 grit product finish and 150 grit on exposed surfaces. AL-6XN is used successfully in food, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical processes. The "superalloy" resists the attack of corrosive food and beverage products such as: sports drinks, ketchup, soy and barbecue sauce, and salsa. It is also beneficial in fine chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical (cosmeceutical), brewery, desalination, semi-conductor, aerospace, biopharm, pulp and paper, and gas handling applications. Inlet: (1) 2 in. "S" line fitting (product), (1) 2 in. "S" line fitting (media). Outlet: (1) 2 in. "S" line fitting (product), (1) 2 in. "S" line fitting (media). Overall dimensions: 21 ft. L x 26 in. W x 93 in. H.

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  • Stock No: KBCK001.70
  • Manufacturer: Csidesigns

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Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger

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