Vertical Process Vessel Stainless Steel

Vertical Process Vessel Stainless Steel

One 316 stainless steel vertical process vessel, non ASME rated used in Strough Brewery. The vessel is 10ft diameter by approx 16ft tall. The vessel includes domed heads and a food grade finish. The interior includes a serpentine 316 stainless steel heating or cooling coil that includes flanged connections on the outside of the tank. A stainless man-way allows access to the interior of the vessel. The unit includes adjustable stainless support legs, 8 legs. Misc connections on the top sides and bottom are all flanged with stainless full face flanges. The unit is clean and ready to ship. A small dent is visible near the top seam of the head and shell. This was caused in relocation from the transport truck. No structural damage to the seam or shell.

Product Details

  • Stock No: 160.dba.60
  • Manufacturer: Not Specified

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Vertical Process Vessel Stainless Steel

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