Wanner Engineering Inc. Hydra-Cell Pumps

Wanner Engineering Inc. Hydra-Cell Pumps

(2) Wanner Engineering Inc. Hydra-Cell Pumps. Model: D25MFCGHHEC. S/N's: 18537 and 19930. Capacity: 20 gpm at maximum pressure. Maximum pressure: 1000 psi. (2) Square D Company Pressure Switches. Previous duty: conveyor belt washer. Baldor Industrial Motor, 7-1/2 hp, 1725 rpm, 208-230/460 V, 21.5-20/10 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Typical Hydra-Cell Pump features: seal-less compact design, durability and simplicity make Hydra-Cell pumps the optimum choice for handling aggressive fluids, abrasive fluids with particles, hot fluids, corrosive fluids, abrasives, wettable powders, cutting fluids, ultrapure fluids, adhesives, salt water, reclaim water, slurries, liquid gases, fertilizers, viscous fluids, chemicals, soap solutions. Skid mounted. Inlets: (4) 1 in. dia. NPT (male). Outlets: (1) 2 in. dia. NPT (male). Overall dimensions: 58 in. L x 37 in. W x 51 in. H.

Product Details

  • Stock No: DBPF2103.a
  • Manufacturer: Wanner Engineering Inc.
  • Model: D25MFCGHHEC
  • Serial Number: 18537 and 19930

Pump Details

Previous Refrigerant

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Wanner Engineering Inc. Hydra-Cell Pumps

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