Waukesha 6 Positive Displacement Pump

Waukesha 6 Positive Displacement Pump

1997 Waukesha 6 Positive Displacement Pump. Model: 6 S/N: 199934-97. Flow rate for new pump is 6 gpm with required horsepower and pressure. Discuss with salesperson your process and product to determine if this refurbished pump should handle your specific duty. Features include: easy cleaning and disassembly, three-way mounting options, and non-galling, Waukesha 88 alloy rotors. 316 stainless steel product contact surface. SM-Cyclo Motor, 1-1/2 hp, 1,730 rpm, 230/460 V, 60 Hz, 4.9/2.4 amp, 3 phase. SM-Cyclo Motor Drive, 29:1 ratio, 60.3 rpm (final). Inlets/outlets: (2) 1 in. dia. S-line fittings. Overall dimensions: 2 ft. 6 in. L x 8 in. W x 10 in. H.(ACN68a)

Product Details

  • Stock No: RPMI02.
  • Manufacturer: Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
  • Model: 6
  • Serial Number: 199934-97

Pump Details

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Waukesha 6 Positive Displacement Pump

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